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Sony Support – BAD Sony Support – Awful Sony Support- BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!

Sony sent a customer service survey — I was not a happy customer and wanted them to know.  SONY CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE. 

Some Questions – On scale 0 to 10.

1. Based on your recent experience with Sony Support, how likely are you to purchase Sony electronics products in the future?

Answer: 0, Definitely NOT

Based on your recent experience with Sony Support, how likely are you to recommend Sony for electronics products to family, friends or others?

Answer: 0, Definitely NOT

How would you rate your overall experience with Sony’s Telephone Customer Support, Please select one, with 10 meaning most satisfied

Answer: 0, Very Dissatisfied

How effective was our interactive phone menu in directing your call to a skilled agent? Please select one, with 10 meaning most effective

Answer: 0, Very Ineffective

Did you speak with more than one agent? Answer: Yes

How many agents did you speak to? Answer: More than 4

Please rate the performance of the last agent you spoke with in each of the following areas: Please select one, with 10 meaning excellent

Knowledge – POOR

Courtesy – POOR

Responsiveness – POOR

Was the agent able to provide you the information you needed regarding the repair of your Sony product? – Answer: NO

Outsourcing customer service with no path to escalate is a bad practice. Having been responsible for Client Services, this is not only unacceptable, but a road to failure. Somehow, the management or SONY needs to hear and get this fixed, otherwise, it will be too late. They spend millions to build brand and drive sales, and with a poor customer service experience, they can lose it all.

Years ago, I was looking at cars. When a salesperson went to get the car, the mechanic in the shop asked if we were looking at a Ford Exporer. We said yes, and he told us that they were really not so good. We left — maybe he was having a bad day…but lost sale in a minute.

Message to SONY — Listen, make changes, or you will lose all the brand and good will you have worked so hard to build.

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