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Blackberry — I think it is time for us to part ways…

After years of loyalty to a company and their product, I think my relationship with blackberry is about to end. It is funny to think how many people I influenced as an early adopter back in 1998 when the company I was at switched from Motorola pagers to a new product called “blackberry”. I think I’ve had every model and still pay for an enterprise server and support. Below is my email to Tier 2 support at RIM.

Attention: Supervisor of Tier 2 Support

I would like to first thank the people that took the time to help me on

Sunday and Monday. We struggled with back-ups, upgrading the operating

system, and restore. This all started with 2 issues: 1 -an update to the

facebook app, and 2 – the phone shutting down intermittently and draining

the battery when checking voice mail or taking a call. The problem

happened again, and I was walked through logging process. I was asked to

email when it happened again and email bb support, where someone would

call back to examine the log. I emailed yesterday and again this AM a

specific time. After no return call, I called and the person was not

familiar with the case. I asked if one of the people that had worked on

it was available. I have been a blackberry user since 1998. I have been

the advocate for 4 companies moving to blackberry, not counting companies

I am an advisor or board member. It has gotten harder to remain loyal to

a product that has failed to keep up with current feature and function

offered by other mobile devices. Often, many of my colleagues make fun of

the fact I am still on blackberry. I would appreciate a call from someone

that can look at the log. It is coming to the time where I finally just

bail on blackberry and buy and android or apple. It used to be that BB

offered amazing quality products and support. The first response from a

south american call center post dealing with ATT support was terrible.

Your own tech person in S. America is not even using a blackberry. I am

available for about 30 minutes, then not till tonight or over the weekend.

Scott Cohen

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