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Poor Customer Service Online Grocery Shopping at VONS / Safeway

Poor Customer Service Award!  VONS & Safeway.  So I am not one that has ever ordered online, but currently in Las Vegas working on a project and will be for a few months, and with no grocery store nearby, I ordered from VONS (Safeway).  What a disaster.  First there was a scheduling problem, then they finally show up, and the first thing the driver says is “I got all you ordered except the chicken!  Now it was hard enough ordering from a supermarket without looking at the fruits and vegetables, but WOW, how does a grocery store run out of chicken?  And why wouldn’t they call or email to tell me so maybe i could have selected something they did have?  Then they send an email:  “How did we do?”.  So I responded with this was a terrible customer experience.  Standard auto response, then a “we’ll check it out’.  Then I get a customer survey asking “how did we do” –I responded indicating “your service was awful”.   Then they send an email which basically said “we have a sophisticated computer system to fill orders — and we sometimes do not have things in stock.  I write back asking for this to be escalated — still no response, but they did offer 8 bananas for free with my next order.  What is wrong with this company????  Whoever is in charge of customer service might want to look for another job.

So VONS/ Safeway – you are the recipient on this months POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD.

Wishing you the ability to get your act together before more people give up on this online grocery order thing.  You have made it possible for many of my friends and contacts to be warned not to bother.

After a week of emails & #customerservice surveys, #VONS / #Safeway still have not called or tried to fix their poor customer experience. #poorcustomerservice

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