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Call Centers in Manilla Philippines – UNITED AIRLINES

It is amazing how many companies spend millions building a brand on advertising and hiring great employees, but fail miserably in customer care. United is my poster child of the week for bad customer service. I have been flying several times a month. Used to use Continental Air almost exclusively, but since the merger with United, I have not been so loyal. In fact, every time there is a problem, I have to go through hell to get something fixed or fees waived.

Earlier this week, I was flying to Reno for an art installation we are working on. I received an email at 8:45 saying flight onetime so I left for SFO for an important meeting with a supporter of the Life Cube. As we get close the the airport less than 15 minuted later, I receive an email your flight is cancelled. This was not weather related, it was because of a problem with the crew. Costs? Let’s see – 1 – Aggravation and Panic; 2 – Car to SFO; 3 – Missed meeting; 4 – Waking wife in NY to try and help (I do not have a smart phone and so at midnight had to get her online to help); 5 – Car to San Jose to get a different flight; 6 – sleepless night getting in to Reno late; 7 – long next day when I was booked back to back speaking with kids. But I digress. The fact is companies spend so much building brands and fail to realize how quick customer loyalty impacts that brand. How many people do I share that story with – The next time I am given a choice, what do I think about United? If you are going to outsource – have a way to escalate a problem. Do not let your customers feel like you do not care — and get t=rid of the script that says — I can only charge you — but you can email customer care. #unitedair #callcenters #customerservice #badcustomerservice #outsourcing #continentalair #customerexperience

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