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Poor Customer Service

I need to add to this one –Customer Service is one of those areas that I believe make or break a company. When they get it, and provide it, a company has the opportunity to overcome many problems. When they don’t, it is a receipt for disaster. I will try to keep this current — but too often, get so pissed off, I just share these stories with friends in a moment of tirade and being pissed off. Recently, I went to buy some shoes. Bostonian vrs Bally.  So, I’m looking to buy a pair of shoes. Bally store on Mad at 57 has 4 people ready to serve you. The Bostonian has 7 people. The person at Bally brings out 4 different styles. Is fast, efficient and competent. The story at Bostonian is very different. There are 7 people, they don’t offer assistance. They bring out 1 pair – the wrong shoes – look for the right shoes – don’t have them in stock, and I walk out. Lesson – train your sales team!

Bloomingdale’s — ARGGGG! Call to luggage department – voice mail. Call back, ask operator of they carry a brand, no access to computer. Ask for customer service — get connected to credit customer service – with wait time of 5 minutes. Call back, ask for manager, get disconnected. Call back, get a voice mail that cuts me off. Call back, and get someone in customer service that does not take down a name and tel number. Ask for manager, and get cut of. This company does not have their act together.

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