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American Express Centurion vs. Visa Black Card

I have been offered all these fancy cards, and can tell you that both Amex and Visa need a lot of work on their costomer service.  Selling something as exclusive is good if you deliver something of value.  Fact is that both companies call centers are sub-standard and their concierg services not that good.  Both do offer special deals on hotels, but the cost generally does not justify if you are willing to call the hotel yourself or have a god travel agent.  Below is a posting of the comparison of Amex Black vrs Visa Black.  You probably should compare Platinum too — but overall, you pay for prestige, and their service is only satisfactory. 

American Express Centurion vs. Visa Black Card

American Express came up with an excellent concept for a credit card for those heavy spenders and Visa wanted to copy it, but I think they failed miserably. American Express USA has the best service of any credit card company I have seen, I have usual credit card and they have been great so I don’t even have a clue about what they would do for the Centurion customers but here is a small and funny comparison.


AMEX Centurion: In order to keep the card you have to spend at least $250,000 a year. Basically buying a car a year, and you have to pay it within the agreed period

Visa Black Card: Credit history sets your limit, so if your not a Billionare it will probably be $5000.


AMEX Centurion: You must be a current American Express card holder with great credit history. And going over the limit is never an issue in your spending.

Visa Black Card: Barclays bank mentioned only 1% of the population will be able to get this card. I doubt it.

Concierge Service:

AMEX Centurion: You command and they serve, I don’t think I have ever heard AMEX refuse a customer request. If you go shopping they arrange for a personal shopper at high end boutique. I wonder what would happen if you asked for a bunch of penguins to be delivered to your house. “No” is not a word they would utter.

Visa Black Card: It seems they have gotten on board with a 24 concierge service to do everything you want. Vacation bookings, Game Tickets, Shows, Information on the “In” places in different cities, restaurant reservations and more.


AMEX Centurion: Your a member of Sony’s Concierge service, meaning you get access to all of Sony’s products before they his the market. You can get car extensions for your kids or family and in any color you want.

Visa Black Card: The card is made out of Carbon so it doesn’t wear. Also members get 1% back on purchases that can by used for travel or airline cost.

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