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Verizon Aircard Not Working with VISTA and now a problem with customer service!!!!!

Verizon is on my sh-t list. Ok, so I bought a new computer (a Sony with the new VISTA operating system  I tried that stupid Cingular card that came with it – did not work. Canceled. Bought the Verizon thing. Went out of town. Tried to log on. Did not work. Spent 2 hrs online and on tel with customer service. They blamed it on windows. Had tech team try and fix it. Did not work. They all indicated it may need to deal with the reg edit and stuff. Anyway, store manager sends a note saying don’t worry, bring the card back, we will cancel. Finally get time to bring it back, and they won’t take it. I now need to call corp HQ, threaten to file a complaint with the FCC or FTC or whatever. And deal with their collection practice (arggggg).

key words:  Verizon Sucks, Verizon Wireless, Aircard, wireless card

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