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Superbowl Ads 2007

Anyone that knows me understands I have little interest in the "big game" but am really fascinated with the commercials.  I love the 1984 Apple, and yes, I think the Joe Green was great — I never did like the frogs, and I think the Godaddy commercials are in poor taste, but with one commerciasl a year, they do get there brand out there.  Other favorites of mine include the cat herding, bud clydesdale donkey,

So let’s talk 2007 — the year of broadband Internet — the year that the ads are not only on AOL and IFILM, but on CBS, and other places.  Why oh why did CBS not buy key words for search?  And when you do go to CBS Sportline – the link is so small I almost missed it. and at the end of Q2  – the ads are still not there! 

The IFILM site is clean and up to date, as was the AOL site.  And the winner is in the first half — Blockbuster — who would have thought the gerbal would live again (remeber that computer internet site with them firing the gerbals or rats from a cannon?).  Well, the Blockbuster rabbit and gerbil are hilarious.  

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