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Social Media: Privacy, Functionality, Value

Today I took the first steps to start limiting access to Facebook and twitter posts.  I found both to offer to add controls, but the result is less than satisfying.  On Facebook, there is no search of friends to be able to try and change en mass (i.e. If i want to categorize a list of people I went to high school as one group, I have to do it individually.

Twitter is even worse.  I elected to make all posts locked or private.  I decided not to cancel or terminate the account.  This does not stop posts from being seen by the people that are currently following me.  My posts today are:

Dimestore Scott Cohen decided to hide my tweets as of March 10. LMK if you know a way to allow only certain people to view tweets #twitter #tweets #privacy

Dimestore Scott Cohen Decided to limit access to info/posts on Facebook & contemplating no more twitter #privacy #facebook #twitter #socialmedia #profile

Dimestore Scott Cohen testing hiding twitter feeds….

Dimestore Scott Cohen @RedTie does this show up on your twitter – test after hiding tweets

Dimestore Scott Cohen test 2

Dimestore Scott Cohen #Twitter Issues:I am beginning to question the benefit/functionality of twitter. The inability to control or segment #privacy is a big issue

Dimestore Scott Cohen #Twitter Issues:The #failure to provide a decent #search capability is another major problem of the Twitter platform. This is a major defect

Dimestore Scott Cohen #Twitter Issues: Last is the breaking of the #Facebook Twitter #Application. Despite delete & reinstall, the app does not work.

Dimestore Scott Cohen #Twitter Issues: Add poor customer service experience and I think you have a bad business. #customerservice

Dimestore Scott Cohen #Twitter Issues: Despite all, I’m sure some company (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.?) will probably buy it. #Google #Microsoft #facebook

Dimestore Scott Cohen #twitter issues: $8-$10 billion valuation? probably the most stupid #acquisition someone will make. #twittersold #twittervalue

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