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Re: Rome restaurant

June 07

Rome restaurant

Osteria/Trattoria dal Cav. Gino

Vicolo Rosini, 4 (off Via de Campo Marzio)



So, here are the facts from my visit. I was in Rome for only a day. This special restaurant was recommended by a wine merchant after I did some business with him. I ate lunch and went back for dinner. If you go, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Restaurant has been around since 1900, owned by 2 families. Gino took over in 1963. His son, Fabritzo, took over in 1984. They are closed sun and festivalles. The owner of the wine store recommended it to me. There are 15 tables, seats about 45. Fabrazio’s sister works there too. Gino is from Abruzzo and mama is from Lazio. Believe in history and good food – not atmosphere.


Gino in vicolo Rosini

Vicolo Rosini 4

Tucked away in a hard to find lane off piazza del Parlamento, this neighborhood osteria champions much of the lighter side of the local tradition in dishes like tonnarelli alla ciociara (pasta with mushrooms and tomatoes), and pasta and chickpeas in ray sauce; desserts include a classic and excellent tiramisù. (Source: Time Out Rome Shortlist Guide 2007)

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