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Posting a pic on my Facebook page

Natasha pinged me on IM this morning to ask why I would add an album when just adding a single photo.  Though she is not willing to accept her dad as a "full friend", we are linked and I guess she saw that I posted the photo of Steven, Kevin, and Madeleine.  I guess that my answer I only had 1 picture was not acceptable – she told me to add it to another album.  Natasha has also indicated that business people (that’s me) will ruin Facebook.  The fact is Natasha does not look at social sites as a networking tool, but as a community.  An example was that I have been asked to add friends by people I don’t know, where she has not.  I asked Matt at Facebook a couple months ago about this, and he said when they expanded Facebook from Harvard to 3 Ivy League schools, people thought is was bad and would die, and when they expanded it to all colleges, again people said "this is was bad and Facebook would die", and again when they expanded to high schools, and now that it is open to everyone.  But it keeps growing.  I think the challenge is keeping up with all these communities.  I use LinkedIn to keep my contact data current and let people know how to find me, I started a facebook page after being invited by a number of business contacts and realizing when speaking at conferences, I need to be current and understand the experience.  And yes Natasha, I sometimes mess up and don’t do it right (smile). 

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