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PLAXO continued ….

Below is the email sent to Redgee Capili, Sr. Director of Client Services and Chief Privacy Officer and Ben Golub, President and Chief Executive Officer at PLAXO.  Let’s see what type of response we get.  I think it may be worth contacting Linkin too. 

Gentleman – I have decided to tackle updating my contacts for the first time in almost 7 years.  The number of contacts in outlook is over x0,000.  In addition, I would like to search inbox and sent mail for additional contacts.  This includes over xx0,000 emails. 

The challenges are:

1. Large volume

2. Need to de-dup

3. Need to avoid Sp-am emails

4. Would like to notify all contacts of my current contact info

5. Prefer to export clean list and email BCC or send via a mail solution so we don’t overload my mailbox with bounced email addresses

6. Security – no hack-ing into my contacts

7. Prefer not to send via Plaxo first time through

8. Need to know what draw on my email service provider servers are

9. Other issues?

I originally tried to deal with your Premier Support via online CHAT.  I also tried to call your Premium Tel Support – but these are both directing me to India call centers.  I would hope that based on the unusual size of the contacts and task at hand, you have someone that can assist in this process.  Please call or email me at ….

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