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Open Letter to Burning Man, Please Help The Life Cube, which was recently suspended from Kickstarter

Dear Burning Man, We need your help. The Life Cube has just been suspended on Kickstarter and had over $10,000 in donations instantly refunded. Kickstarter claims that someone made donations in a manner that resembled fraud and will not consider reversing their decision. But that’s not important right now. What’s important is that the Life Cube needs your help. We’ve set up a new fundraiser at Indiegogo and are hoping that you in the Burning Man community would consider helping us out in our time of need. Even $10 helps.

Please help the Life Cube get back to $10,000 and hit our goal of $15,000 so that we can build the Life Cube for the good of Black Rock City.

ENVISION: The Life Cube provides an engaging and interactive place for the shared expression of ambitions, dreams, goals and wishes, with more opportunities to participate than ever before. This project encourages participants to look at their past, engage in the present, and set goals for the future. It’s based on the artist’s belief that if you write down what you want to accomplish in life, the chances of attaining it is much, much higher!

Learn more about The Life Cube:

Thanks for reading. Please share this message with your friends and burning man groups. Even consider copy and pasting it. We are stunned by this Kickstarter decision, but we are hoping that with your help we can turn this negative into a positive. Thank you.

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