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Gay Icon Kristine W Releases Music Video Featuring the Life Cube

The Life Cube Project was recently featured in a music video released by Kristine W, an icon within the gay and lesbian community. The song, titled “Love Come Home,” was inspired by the singer’s reflection on troops currently fighting overseas. She chose to film part of her music video at the Downtown Las Vegas Life Cube as it promoted growth, prosperity, community, and creativity; which brought people together and inspired them well after the Cube was gone.

“I traveled the country on tour this summer and I couldn’t help but notice how people are getting back to basics,” she says. “They’re valuing home and family more than ever before.”

It’s why she chose to include her daughter, Elizabeth, in the song’s music video. Elizabeth is seen in the beginning, writing her wishes for the future on a piece of paper and placing it in The Life Cube, an art installation created by Scott Cohen, one of the forces behind the Burning Man event, who also makes a cameo in the music video.

A cube is built in a run-down area of town. The idea is for people in the community to visit the cube, paint and draw on it and place wishes into the slots cut into the side of the cube. After a year, the cube is burnt to the ground and a new cube is built in another dilapidated area that needs love.

“The cube in the ‘Love Come Home’ video was built in an old parking lot on the far eastside of Freemont Street in Las Vegas,” Kristine W says. “We shot the ‘So Close To Me’ video in the same lot right before the cube appeared. At the time, there were crumbling buildings all around and garbage piled high. A year and a half later, the area is flourishing with activity once again, all thanks to the cube.”

Read the full article here.

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