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Nokia Theather in NYC – The future is here! (the best digital experience I have ever had! )

I will need to write more about this, but wanted to make sure to document my initial thoughts.  I went to see Phil Lesh at Nokia Theater this past weekend.  We are talking about the most amazing digital experience I have ever have had! 

Nokia should be very proud.  This theater is the ultimate brand icon.  I was so impressed!  Access is everywhere.  The acoustics where awesome.  You feel like you are moving in an instant from experience to memory.  There is almost a sense that you are the star consumer.  It is the coolest thing.  You can sit in seats and get a view of the stage, hang in the dance floor, or walk the halls.  There is music in every nook and cranny.  It is clean, neat, and comfortable.  This place rocks.  After entering the theater, you can wander from tip to toe, close to far.  If I was to make a couple suggestions – they need to get fresh air into the place somehow — though by a couple of the walls, you could get a good stream of air.  They should play some sort of music before the band starts — it would be more pleasant.  Last, and most important — they made only one HUGE mistake – after the show, they should have been able to sell what I just heard!  I would have easily paid money to pay for a CD (or even a DVD) of the show.  Go to a show — this will be your most amazing consumer digital experience – They hit all my sensory cylinders.  Awesome job Nokia!

From their Web site (

The Nokia Theatre Times Square is a 2100-capacity venue designed by the award-winning architect David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group and operated by AEG LIVE. The venue officially opened in September 2005 and has the capability to hold a wide array of events including concerts, live television, web broadcasts, live recordings, award shows and event parties.

The marquee, an 85-foot long LED high definition screen which can display both live and digital video. It is one of the largest marquees on Broadway and is directly connected to the MTV marquee. With it’s interactive text messaging capabilities and the ability to broadcast events live from the stage directly to the marquee in real time makes it truly impressive to say the least. Located in the theatre is the Nokia Lounge where fans can charge their wireless phones, get hands-on experience with new Nokia products and services, download mobile content like games, videos and ring tones and enter promotions among other activities.

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