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Kimpton Hotels — Service gone bad?

I used to stay at Monaco hotels — especially the Monaco in SF ( for about 10 days a month.  In fact, I was personally responsible for several companies making that their prefered hotel.and hosting events and parties at the hotel.  Over the years, staff changes and managers have come and gone, but overall, the "make me feel special" level of service was consistent and appreciated.  How fast can you lose it?  Let’s see. 

Last month I had business in SF and made a reservation.  It was not too busy a week.  I guess over the years, the process of my arrival has been pretty nice.  My key and check-in has been arranged ahead of time.  If there was a line, someone at the from desk caught my eye and passed me a key.  In addition, the hotel has always updated to a suite.  In addition, there has always been a very nice welcome gift – a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, a basket of fruit. 

Well — upon arrivral – the from desk was not too busy, but I waited in line.  Then I received the wrong key.  When I got to my room – the gift was a bottle of water and an apple 😦  In addition, the Internet and phone was not turned on, and it took over an hour for them to get that fixed.  For years, it was "Welcome back Mr. Cohen" — now it is "what name,…how do you spell that?" 

What was the cost — well, I was supposed to stay 4 days – I checked out the next AM (so they lost 3 days of room revenue).  I canceled my breakfast meeting there and set up something down the street.  The hotel I moved to was a better deal (who would have thought the Palace Hotel would be cheaper!).  I will be in SF two more times in the next 45 days — and I won’t be staying there (lost a few more days).  Overall, after 15+

years of loyalty and positive conversations about the Monaco — they lost it.  Oh yeh, I called the manager to let him know — he thanked me for my feedback (arggg). 

I also have shared this story with a number of people, and now blogged it.  So what do I predict – The Kimpton chain is having problems.  I do not think this experienced was the exception. I will miss the old times. 

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