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Went with my friend Michael S. to Jacques-Imo’s in NYC at 77th and Columbus last night.  I have been there several times, hoping to have the rabbit that they prepare so well in their New Orleans restaurant. 

I called on Monday night and left a message.  I received a call back from Lana on Tuesday and she indicated they did not have the rabbit on the menu in NYC.  Apparently NY patrons don’t know a good thing when they have the chance.  Anyway, she agreed that if I could secure a rabbit, she would have the chef prepare it for me and my friend. 

Well I did get a rabbit from Citarella at 2135 Broadway.  Sure enough, corn biscuits along with a bowl of gumbo (with hot sauce), a plate of fried green tomatoes with Shrimp Remoulade, a platter of homemade fried chicken (takes 25 minutes – they are NOT KFC), and sides of jambalaya and red beans & rice, we had the rabbit – breaded and fried, served on a Oyster Tasso Pasta.

A fun and eclectic place to go.  

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