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Hump Sushi in Santa Monica

Can you say "sushi delicious"? This place rocks. Most people who know me, know that LA is not my type of town. I have finally found a really good restaurant in LA (I think Santa Monica is part of LA?!)

Its located by the airport – or should I say in the buildings that abut the airport. This is an amazing find! I was greeted by Melanie, and sat at the sushi bar. Ken, who hails from a small town 100 miles west of Tokyo, was the head sushi chef. We put our faith in him. The only thing I ordered was the shitso peppers (I can’t get them in NY or SF). From there, it was his call.

I may have missed a few, but here’s what I think I had:

Hamacci and Kampachi slices paper thin (from the back of the fish). The Hamachi was amazing – melt in your mouth with a nice tang. Scallop, Japanese red snapper, and blue fin tuna. Sweet shrimp live and jumping. I saw hiim slice the tails of and while I was eating, the heads were moving on the plate. Then the heads were taken away – one fried (better than I ever had), the other made into a soup! Fabulous, simply fabulous.

Then a small piece of Kobe beef seared with a propane torch, sliced thin with garlic chips. Though this was amazing in the presentation, I really could have skipped this. The final course was sushi (all the above was sashimi). Tuna, Spanish mackerel, crab, live octopus, sea urchin, and hamachi.

All in, a feast!

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