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Grateful Dead 50 | Fare Thee Well Tour & the Challenge of Getting In.

So “special access” tickets to the Grateful Dead 50 | Fare Thee Well through CID Entertainment ( went on sale this AM and there was the usual server crash and no phone support.  These tickets and travel packages went from $517 to over $2000!  Tickets for the Dead’s last concert also went on sale via the Dead’s loyal fan base site GDTS Too (, but they were hit with a gazillion requests with people sending in envelops and money orders and jumping through what is a pretty straight forward process – except you know we are talking about Deadheads that are not know for their ability to follow process and read instructions — and forget about deadlines.  YIKES!  And tomorrow will be ticket master sale of tickets for Chicago’s Soldier Field – July 3, 4, and 5.  So what will probably be a stupendous last hurrah for the Dead will be stressful for many long time fans looking for that last taste.  I’m wishing for my miracle just like 10’s of 1000s of other fans.  Over the years, I have had an extra ticket that was always gifted or sold at face value.  Gifting was always fun since you made someone so happy.  But I do not think there will be much gifting for this concert.  

Greatful Dead

Last week if was Burning Man.  I’ve been going to Black Rock City on and off for over 10 years, and what started out with tickets for less than $200 now cost alms $400.  The servers crashed and there are stories of hacking and all sorts of “unburner” type behavior.  The last couple years Burning Man ( has attracted a new audience and there is only so much room.  So again, people wanting to go — new and old-time burners will just need to deal with uncertainty and frustration and hope that everything works out.  


Last is the recent incident at a yoga class I go to that is taught by my favorite teacher Kat ( resulted in a near fight on getting into a class — yogis fighting?!  So unzen.  So not cool.  And the result of that debacle was having to sign-up in advance, having a pass, and all sorts of stuff that are not conducive to getting into your happy place.  So what happened next really was crazy — the next week, some people got in without their little plastic pass or sneaking in the back door, and that resulted in a few complaining to the front desk (tattle tales) — and the manager of the club had everyone leave the room and wait in line and checked for their name.  So not a good way to start the day.

I do not know what the answer to these situations are.  Take a breath, do not worry.  Accept the reality that more people are seeking an experience and there just isn’t room for everyone.  One way or another life goes on.

So if anyone does have an extra ticket to the Dead 50, please let me know. (smile)


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