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Fire & Police World Games

On the fit2climb site — John Colver mentions the Fire & Police World Games.  I posted the following comment. 

So, if the Fire & Police World Games is "called The Toughest Competitor Alive and designed to test endurance, strength, speed, agility, and above all, mental toughness" – then why is it limited to only "full-time publicly employed Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter"?

I’m sure I would not be in the shape and condition to win, but I would be willing to have given it a try. When i was a kid – many years ago, Xerox hosted a fitness challenge, open to all. It included obstacle course, rope climbs, and other tests of strength, endurance, and speed.

If you or anyone knows of a similar program – please let me know. See you in Seattle for climb to Mt Rainer in August.

Scott Cohen

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