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Day Light Savings Time

For years I have not liked it — so let me document my thought.  I think the time change thing is a bad idea.  The fact is, despite a lot of travel, the change of my internal clock to accommodate the time changers whim is not good. 

According to USA Today, some Americans are finding themselves behind the times thanks to a daylight saving shift that is confusing people and electronics.

And this year – they decided to even change the week!  Daylight saving used to end on the last weekend in October. But Congress changed it to the first weekend in November this year in an effort to save power.

More important is that each year I have to figure out how to change all my clocks and electronic devices. 

One year I tried to change the time over a week, about 10 minutes a day, but this caused problems when booking appointments and asking is it 8 AM your time or mine.  Bottom-line, I do not think this is a good thing! 

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