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Day 1 – Climbing School (on the road to Mt Rainer)

Day 1 – Climbing School, 8.20.07

So my boots were too big – I did not check and picked up a size 11.  ARGGG.  I also did need sunglasses (should have brought the ones I took to BM that click in the front).  We did not need mittens – and I should have taken the gloves we had since the rentals were not great. I also needed to rent a pair of shell pants since taking off shoes to put on shell is not a good idea (and I brought those ski pants). 

Overall, save for the bad fit on the shoes, we had a great time.  The team was 9 students and 2 guides (one more guide will be added tomorrow.)  It was a cold and rainy day, but we did just fine.  Hiked up to the snow and practiced walking, rescue (team and self), using the ice axe, and ropes.  We came down a bit wet, but everyone in one piece.  Currently back from dinner and drying out cloths so I can pack for tomorrow.  Pics uploaded on BLOG.  We all miss CB, sorry he broke his leg.  Regardless if we summit or not, this is a fun adventure. 

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