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Customer Service at Their Best & Their Worst

Amazing customer service yesterday from REI, EMS & Amazon. Mediocre from B&H, and terrible terrible really bad from Best Buy. It is amazing after all these years how some companies are so good at eCRM, and some have not a clue on customer service and have such a poor social media strategy.

After all the screwing around going to Best Buy, finding out they had a poor selection and no knowledgeable sales staff, and then finding that the cost was more than buying online – this became an easy choice.

On the other front, REI and EMS both got money from me. Their customer service was outstanding. Easy return, total expert staff — can not say enough good things about both of them.

I also had the most unpleasant experience with Best Buy. In fact, just as I am writing this post, I finally received a call from customer service. This was bad! This was really bad. I would have paid more to get the camera from a store. I loke electronic stores. I like to be able to go in, see and touch products. I want to talk to a sales person – hell, I am happy to pay a little more for the piece of mind to get to play with something before I buy — The folks at Best Buy DO NOT GET IT!!!

So — at the end, I ordered from Amazon. But when placing the order – it processed it to be delivered on the 24th – but the confirmation came back on the 25th. I went to the site, clicked to chat and the customer service person went in — found the problem, apologized, offered free shipping and a guaranteed I would have it before I leave town.

So at the end of the day — I experienced the best and the worst with regard to customer care. I expect that Best Buy will fall the way Borders did — it is fine to be more expensive — and many will pay for the service, but you need to have service.

REI and EMS have hired young professional people. They are available at all sorts of weird hours. Sure, I could have found what I bought for less money from some other online retailer – but piece of mind and the ability to go to the store is a good thing.

Those are my thoughts and observations.

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