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Burning Man 2013 Proposal Submitted Today!

After a huge amount of work, research, writing, and support from friends and colleagues, we submitted the proposal to create ENVISION: The Life Cube to Burning Man today.

This year’s vision demonstrates my growth and metamorphosis as an artist, and also reflects the dedication of a new professional member of the Life Cube team: Kevin Pellón, principal/founder of DSB+ Architects/Interiors. Kevin has already begun working with our team of master carpenters, lighting engineers, graphic designers, photographers, fire fighters and many more. Together, their contributions have enabled us to pursue and to realize a more interactive, engaging and ambitious project.  Once again Gordy, Christian, Mark, JT and Trevor have all offered to help make The Life Cube a huge success.  I am also so grateful to Maria who facilitated introductions to Jeff Schomberg & Stu D’Alessandro who provided terrific guidance from their experience in working with artists and creating their own significant art installations in Black Rock City.

Further, we are tremendously lucky and proud to have the enthusiastic support of the greater Burning Man community, centered around and expanding from the sixty-plus members of Camp Titicaca, who have adopted the Life Cube project as the major part of their aesthetic contribution to the ethos of Burning Man.  Last, I thank my lucky stars for Madeleine’s help.  There is no way that we could have come this far without her support and writing, re-writing, editing, and at times making sure I did not stray too far from my mission.  It is a BIG job to help take what is in my brain and get it down on paper so that others can understand and appreciate it.  (smile)

Now we wait…hoping that Burning Man’s Art Grant Committee, which evaluates as many as 400+ proposals, will find our project worthy of consideration for partial funding.  Wish us luck.


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