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Best Buy Saga Part 2

Amazing that nobody from Best Buy reached out to end this….in any event, I do expect that a few years from now they will be out of business like Borders Books and asking why?

Jen Hendon There are a lot of stores that only have products online. What is the problem here? about an hour ago

David Slavet jen- there is no problem, this person just doesnt know what he’s talking about. about an hour ago

Scott Cohen David, are you an employee of Best Buy? So what you are saying is that after over 15 years being involved in media, technology, advertising and running sales, business development, and client services for an eCRM company I do not know what… I’m talking about…well, that;s a pretty huge statement. With regard to your stock price, last I looked, 5 years ago it was over $50 per share, and today it closed at $24! But you go with your gut on this…it is a perfect case study for the next conference I speak at on eCommerce.See More about an hour ago

Scott Cohen comments from some of my friends on facebook: “I went in to my local BB store to buy a computer a few weeks ago. It took me 30 minutes to “track down” a salesperson to help me. After I asked him a series of questions he couldn’t answer (or… guessed at…) he took off to work with another customer. I left the store like the AFLAC duck leaving the barber shop ad after listening to Yogi Berra…” and “Best Buy??? Come on Scott…B&H is camera…” and “Amazon with overnight shipping is the ticket” and “Harrison does all of his shopping at BU through Amazon. It shows up in his room the next day or two days later, no additional charge. As he points out, “It costs me way more to go to the store.””See More about an hour ago

Jen Hendon So? A lot of online only stores have merchandise cheaper than other stores. What’s your point? You expect Best Buy to offer you free 2 day shipping just because they don’t carry the item in their store? I guess Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and several other stores should do the same? That’s just not realistic. Some stores are less expensive than others…what’s hard to understand about that? 50 minutes ago

Scott Cohen OK Jen — I will take a moment to share my thoughts…though I have to disclose that DAvid does not think I know anything about eCommerce. Yes, you are correct, online can be cheaper and if you are just shopping price, there is usually som…e online retailer that will sell at close to cost. But there are people that actually like t go into a store, check out different products, talk to a well trained sales person (think APPLE or REI), and buy from the store b/c if they have a problem, they can come back. If they have questions, there is someone they can see…If Best Buy wants to just compete on price, then they should close their stores and become an online store. They have a brand that they have invested a lot of money, and probably a few leases (over 1000 stores in 2011). The point is that a store (brick & mortar) should have selection and qualified sales and customer service — otherwise, there is no difference other than price and online wins. Happy to share more if you do not understand.See More 40 minutes ago

Scott Cohen From Best Buy’s Investor Relations: We have four values that guide our actions: 1. Have fun while being the best. 2. Learn from challenge and change. 3. Show respect, humility and integrity. 4. Unleash the power of our people. 38 minutes ago

Scott Cohen so I think they have proven today, 1 – they are not the best, 2, they have not learned, 3, respect — if I was running the customer care department I would have picked up the phone or emailed — never letting it get to the point that someone like me posts on facebook, blogs, g+, and twitter, and 4…well see #3 36 minutes ago

Jen Hendon Scott, while I understand what you’re saying, almost every store carries merchandise online that they do not carry in the store. Most, if not all. Secondly, Best Buy employees are just people. They are not superhumans who know everything… there is to know about electronics. Go and survey the different stores in your area, and you will probably conclude that the employees in all different types of stores have the same amount of knowledge of their products. Not much. Why? Because they are usually between the ages of 18 and 25, and are making $10 an hour.See More 27 minutes ago

Jen Hendon I personally don’t think your complaint is valid. You’re not a unique snowflake, and Best Buy doesn’t care about your “you owe me something” attitude. If you find a better price somewhere else, then buy it from them. That’s competition. 23 minutes ago

Scott Cohen call REI — ask about any product (tents, sleeping bags, back packs, etc) and there is someone on staff that will help, or they will get someone that does. Go into an Apple store and see what it is like to speak with a knowledgeable salesp…erson. Hit a good shoe store, or a car dealership. It is not that people that work at these places are superhuman, they are trained. There is a constant and significant investment in training. And customer service is not product knowledge, it is an attitude. It is empowerment. With unemployment at near 10% BB should be able to get good people and make sure they are trained.See More 22 minutes ago

Jen Hendon To be honest, I’ve never been to a store, nor a car dealership, where I felt that the person I was speaking with was completely knowledgeable in their area. Actually, at my local best buy there was a young man who showed me a camcorder and… I felt that he knew what he was talking about, and was able to educate me. But other than that one time, I can’t think of any. Customer service is obviously going to vary from store to store. My local BB always has horrible customer service, but the one 25 minutes away has always provided great service. But the real point is that, if you called me and told me that you wanted free 2 day shipping because Amazon had a camera at a lower price, I would probably laugh at you. Amazon also has great deals on diapers, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to walk into Walmart and demand a lower price. If I did, I’m sure that they would have a good laugh.See More 13 minutes ago

Scott Cohen Jen — Thanks for your help. You are correct. Just ordered it online and will have it before I leave town. It is interesting to me that nobody from Best Buy even tried to resolve it…but I’m sure they have a lot of inventory to count. Have a good night a few seconds ago

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