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Best Buy Customer Experience … You know there is trouble when a brick & mortor company &#8

Below is the recent posts on the best buy facebook page…I think they have some serious problems.

The Best Buy Saga….

Scott Cohen posted to Best Buy Buying a digital camera. After all the research selected a Cannon. Best Buy if you’re going to be a brink & motor store, you need to stock merchandise. In 5 years, your stock (price) has gone from $50 to $25! I see something like a BORDERS in your future.

Scott Cohen and to think that you could have made this so easy after I called your customer service and asked for free next day delivery5 hours ago

Best Buy Hi Scott -From my understanding of your post, you’re concerned that the item you were looking to purchase was only available online and not in-store. Is that correct?-Coral4 hours ago

Scott Cohen first – it was only online. then you could not ship 2 day and waive the ship cost. So basically, for me the cost of the camera & extra battery would be more expensive than amazon by a lot.4 hours ago

Scott Cohen Amazon price is $290 for the camera4 hours ago Scott Cohen and amazon offers free 2 day shipping4 hours ago

Scott Cohen if you prefer to take this offline — tell me where to email my contact or where I can call you4 hours ago Best Buy Sure Scott – please email us details from your personal email account to hours ago

David Slavet then why not just buy from amazon if you think they’re giving you a better deal. bby isnt going to match free 2 day shipping, so dont waste your time.4 hours ago

Scott Cohen they asked – i answered3 hours ago

David Slavet what?3 hours ago Scott Cohen actually can run to b&h and get it tomorrow — just a pain to run into the city as opposed to heading to the bb 5 miles away3 hours ago

Scott Cohen Coral – I emailed contact details.3 hours ago

Jen Hendon There are a lot of stores that only have products online. What is the problem here?45 minutes ago

David Slavet jen- there is no problem, this person just doesnt know what he’s talking about.28 minutes ago

Scott Cohen David, are you an employee of Best Buy? So what you are saying is that after over 15 years being involved in media, technology, advertising and running sales, business development, and client services for an eCRM company I do not know what… I’m talking about…well, that;s a pretty huge statement. With regard to your stock price, last I looked, 5 years ago it was over $50 per share, and today it closed at $24! But you go with your gut on this…it is a perfect case study for the next conference I speak at on eCommerce.See More7 minutes ago

Scott Cohen comments from some of my friends on facebook: “I went in to my local BB store to buy a computer a few weeks ago. It took me 30 minutes to “track down” a salesperson to help me. After I asked him a series of questions he couldn’t answer (or guessed at…) he took off to work with another customer. I left the store like the AFLAC duck leaving the barber shop ad after listening to Yogi Berra…” and “Best Buy??? Come on Scott…B&H is camera…” and “Amazon with overnight shipping is the ticket” and “Harrison does all of his shopping at BU through Amazon. It shows up in his room the next day or two days later, no additional charge. As he points out, “It costs me way more to go to the store.””

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