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VideoAdGames First Deal Announced!

Paltalk Partners with VideoAdGames to Incorporate Video-based Advertising in Upcoming Version of Paltalk Messenger

Online Game Show Offers Paltalkers Ability to Participate in Advertising in Quiz Format; Users PLAY, WATCH and WIN Prizes Within the ‘Paltalk Today’ Window

New York, NY, June 20, 2007 – Paltalk, the leading real-time, video-based community pioneering the socialcasting movement, today announced that it has partnered with VideoAdGames to incorporate video advertising into the upcoming version of its video chat messenger and community platform. Paltalk becomes one of VideoAdGames’ first publishing partners and will soon offer advertisers a unique way to reach its 4 million members.

Founded by Internet veteran Scott Cohen, VideoAdGames offers brands the ability to turn consumer advertising consumption into a fun, game experience. Paltalk users will have the ability to watch popular commercials from leading brands and participate in trivia games following each ad. Paltalkers will be quizzed on the details of the commercial with the opportunity to earn prizes such as electronics, vacation packages and cash based on their score. VideoAdGames is entertaining for consumers but also promotes more attentive, prolonged engagement in commercials, giving brands more opportunity to impact consumers and create brand awareness.

“Paltalk is a natural fit for our advertising model, and we anticipate a great response from subscribers when they login next month,” said Scott Cohen, founder of VideoAdGames. “While online video advertising presents so many great opportunities for brands, it is often difficult to maintain a captive audience, let alone measure response rates. Our solution offers a more compelling advertising experience for consumers and also allows brands a better opportunity to reach their targets, keep them engaged, and extend brand awareness through popular online platforms such as Paltalk’s video chat community.”

“One of our main objectives with our new version of the messenger is not only to bring more compelling video content to the platform – live and broadcasted; user- and professional-generated – but also to pair that content with unique ad models, enabling brands to access our broad online user base in a meaningful way,” said Joel Smernoff, president and COO of Paltalk. “VideoAdGames offers a fun experience for our subscribers, but also brings a valuable advertising component to all of our programming. We look forward to launching VideoAdGames in July with our next release.”

For more information on Paltalk and its scheduled programming, please visit

About Paltalk

Paltalk is the premier real-time, video-based community pioneering the new socialcasting movement. Socialcasting is defined as the convergence of traditional broadcasting media, social networking, user-generated content and video chat. With more than 4 million active users, Paltalk hosts the world’s largest online video chat community offering thousands of users the ability to interact in a chat room together via voice, text and video in real-time.

Privately held, the company’s patented technology allows for large scale video rooms where members can join in with thousands of other Paltalkers and engage in voice/audio, video and text conversations.  Members can create their own chat groups around any topic as well as individual profiles on themselves in a social network.  Paltalk also hosts “Scheduled Shows” including regular programs with celebrities, radio personalities and newsmakers such the shock jocks Opie and Anthony and Samantha Daniels. The company also broadcasts live interactive video chat events such as musical performances and comedy variety shows. In both cases, Paltalkers can interact with the featured hosts and performers in real-time as well as other members in the room.

About VideoAdGames

VideoAdGames is the web’s first Internet Game Show advertising vehicle for consumers to view and interact with TV commercials. Players watch commercials, answer trivia quizzes, and win points based on recall and correct responses, engendering voluntary and dedicated attention to advertiser content. As a result, VideoAdGames sets a new standard for premier brand recognition, data and detailed reporting for advertisers, and versatility, as it can be distributed on major portals or on an advertiser’s own Website.

Responding to the challenges to traditional online advertising, including a shortage of video ad inventory and advertising viewed by the consumer as a barrier to content, VideoAdGames provides a platform for the commercial video to become the focus of consumer attention – in essence, the "anti-TIVO®". Finally, VideoAdGames’ fresh approach provides cost-effective content for advertisers and portals, since the game IS the content.

A privately held company, VideoAdGames was founded by David J. Moore, CEO of 24/7 Real Media (TFSM), and co-founded and developed by Internet veteran Scott Cohen, most recently President of GameTrust, and previous co-founder and/or senior management of 24/7 Media and LivePerson (LPSN).

For more information on VideoAdGames or to play sample games, visit

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