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The Life Cube at Burning Man 2013

Dear friends & supporters:

I can not begin to describe how phenomenal the experience as an artist at Burning Man was this year.  Over 100 people, and so many more friends and family donated time, money, and equipment to make this dream a reality. 

The Life Cube was everything I envisioned a year ago.  We spent much of the past year working on design, planning, recruiting volunteers, getting the word out to artists about the Tapestry Wall, fund-raising, logistics, identifying vendors, and obtaining materials, supplies, tools, and equipment.  We spent the summer months in Reno on the pre-playa build and a lighting plan.  We had a truck driver with a 53 foot flat bed, 2 panel trucks, and assorted vehicles bring everything to the Black Rock Desert a week before the event.  The playa construction and assembly involved over 25 people. We completed construction on Sunday night. 

When the gates opened, 1000s of people came and interacted with the Cube.  They climbed, wrote their goals, dreams, aspirations, and wishes on wish-stick postcards.  They drew on the write-boards.  We had over 100 artists from around the world submit 2×2 foot panels that taken together created an enormous tapestry wall.  We had on site muralists devote days to adding more fantastic art to the Cube and a gallery of photos of Burning Man over past years by nine major photographers that offered an historical perspective of the festival.  A friend introduced sacred geometry into the art. 

And at the end of the week we burned it, in a fiery ceremony attended by many thousands of people who returned to say goodbye to the Cube.  This was not a life-changing event, but it was most definitely one of the most amazing weeks of my life.  Huge thanks and gratitude to all of you who helped in the design, funding, build, burn and clean-up efforts.  Your friendship and support was invaluable. 

I will post as many pictures as possible.  And if you took photos or video, or see pics of the Cube, please email a link or share them.  There were so many photographers and so much video taken — as it comes my way we will post them.  If you are on facebook, you can see more at

Thank you all!

skeeter Artist, The Life Cube

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