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Status Check…The Life Cube V2

Going a little crazy.  Approved for tickets (they have to be purchased by tomorrow) for The Life Cube Team.  I have a plan for review with the Fire Safety Team (FAST) at Burning Man.  I am coordinating lots of friends, supporters, and people who have offered to help in constructing TLC V2.  We are working on creating a video for Kickstarter to raise money for the project.  Working on a MAC with iMovie, I am creating a video and still need to select background music and decide if I do a voice over or add text.

Though very excited, I am a little worried about all the moving pieces.  Is this what being an artist is all about?  Oh yes, and The Life Cube now is active on Facebook.  Feel free to “like” us on FB at

That’s all for now…wish me luck with the call today and meeting all the deadlines.

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