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Please Donate to The Life Cube 2013!

-)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -=-=-=- 38 Days Remaining! -=-=-=- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(- -)*(-

The Life Cube is an electrifying public art installation emphasizing interactive engagement in the Black Rock Desert at Burning Man ’13 and we need your help!

Only 38 days left in our fundraiser and we’ve already raised $7,067 toward our goal of $15,000! Great job everybody! But we’ve still got a long way to go. Please Donate and spread the link to our fundraiser so that this amazing project can become a reality. We can only do this with your support!

Please forward this link to your Burner friends and Donate (even $10 helps!):

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