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Dave Moore (David J. Moore) – David J. Moore Steps into Enhanced Chairman Role and Appoints Jo

Over the years I’ve had more bosses than I can count on one hand-maybe even 2 hands. I was Dave’s number guy at Petry that became 24/7 Media. Looking back, I can honestly say Dave was the nicest and best boss I had. He is smart, has little ego, and a way of finding common ground. In merging and buying a lot of companies, Dave was able to get everyone on the same page, balance everyone’s concerns, create opportunities, and once you proved you could deliver – Dave supported you and watched your back. I learned a ton from Dave on how to be a good boss, a good manager, and how to take a long term view of the landscape.

One of the most important qualities in dave’s style is his making sure to remove obstacles (internal and external) and give you the resources to get the job done. There is nothing more satisfying than delivering the goods for Dave. Several of the people who run companies in Internet marketing have tried to raid the 24/7 exec team – only to find fierce loyalty. Basically, Dave gets it because he deserves it.

David J. Moore Steps into Enhanced Chairman Role and Appoints Jonathan K. Hsu Chief Executive Officer of 24/7 Real Media

NEW YORK, Jul 28, 2008

24/7 Real Media Inc., the leading global digital marketing company, today announced that Jonathan K. Hsu has been appointed CEO, effective immediately. After serving for nearly 12 years as Founder, Chairman, and CEO of 24/7 Real Media, David J. Moore will continue serving as Chairman while playing a larger role in strategy and business development.

Mr. Hsu, 36, previously served as 24/7 Real Media’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, where he was responsible for its global operations, including Technology Development, Technology Operations, Corporate Development, Finance, Marketing, Product Management, Human Resources and various administrative functions. As CEO, he will focus on day-to-day operational responsibilities, enhancing 24/7’s award-winning services for advertisers and publishers, and overseeing the company’s international expansion.

As Chairman of 24/7 Real Media, Mr. Moore will focus on strengthening the company’s industry position, strategic relationships, recruitment and business development. Mr. Moore will also continue to work closely with WPP Digital to support the development and implementation of WPP’s digital initiatives. "Dave and Jon have exemplified a formidable leadership team since late 2001," said Mark Read, CEO, WPP Digital. "These changes give both executives new responsibilities that will be both challenging and rewarding, and further enhance the future of the company and WPP Digital."

"I have spent more than a decade at the helm of 24/7 Real Media and have experienced the best and worst of the responsibility that comes with the CEO position. It is not an easy job, however," said Mr. Moore. "Jonathan Hsu is an exceptional leader and brilliant strategist. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to identify new opportunities to grow the business. He will make an outstanding chief executive and I look forward to continuing our work together in these new roles. I love this business and look forward to continuing to build 24/7, WPP and our exciting industry."

Mr. Hsu joined the company in March 2000, and as COO was instrumental in the company’s acquisition by WPP and numerous strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Yahoo! and Dentsu. Previously, Mr. Hsu served as CFO, where he oversaw a 500 percent jump in revenue growth over four years. As Senior Vice President – Corporate Development and Strategic Planning, he was responsible for driving the company’s geographic and product line expansion, overseeing the acquisitions of Insight First in January 2002, Real Media Korea in December 2003, and Decide Interactive in August 2004.

"It has been an incredible experience working with a true visionary and leader like David, and I am honored to succeed him as CEO of 24/7 Real Media," said Mr. Hsu. "With online ad spending set to grow double digits for years to come, there are outstanding opportunities for 24/7 to expand our relationships with advertisers and publishers, while maintaining the innovative technology development and exceptional customer service that set us apart."

Prior to joining 24/7 Real Media, Mr. Hsu worked for JP Morgan Chase Securities, where he specialized in M&A activities for new economy companies, telecommunication firms, and financial sponsors. He also served as a venture capitalist at American Lead Ventures and founded a magazine distributed internationally by Time Warner. Mr. Hsu holds an M.B.A. in Finance and Strategic Management from the Wharton School of Business and a B.A. in Economics from Harvard University.

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