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Ad-DictionTV, Biz Plan

Finished first draft of pitch — trying to get all the notes from meetings and conversations over the last month together. The pitch includes info for an advertiser, a portal, and a VC. These will need to be split into at least 2, and poss 3 different presentations.

Also met with SB, who gave me advice and guidance on VC pitch. Besides the obvious "keep it simple". 14 slides, prefer 3 bullets per page, not more than 5, no sentence more than 5 words. Why opportunity should be first, what is the problem next, the market, the solution, who we are, company info (done to date, alliances, clients, etc). Market opportunity, market size, advisory board, and tech. Finish with sum. of financials. Need to get someone involve that is an operation person with a good resume for execution that can handle the office and product development and execution.

Going to try and me with SE to review assumptions on portal — size, deal structure, and pricing plan.

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