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SkylineArtEditions now offering 24″ Square Canvas for the Life Cube Tapestry Wall!

Special thanks go out today to Skyline Art Editions for partnering with the Life Cube to provide the exact canvas that you need to create your flag to add to the Tapestry Wall.Create your own art on a 2’x2’ (24″x24″) square canvas (that’s huge!). Send it to us and we’ll join it together with 120 special pieces to form an enormous and evocative mosaic Tapestry Wall, 24 feet high on The Life Cube!

This is your chance to create your flag, your art, your message, and your vision of the future, in your own space. It will become part of a community tapestry, sharing what’s in your head and your heart with the citizens of Black Rock City and the world.

Specifications: 2’ x 2’ Canvas (unstretched – no framing, please). Cover and paint with your own design and/or colorful message, using water repellent (oil) paints or other weather-resistant materials (permanent markers, latex house paint, gesso, resin, etc.) Artwork must be mailed by July 31, 2013.

Email your interest to and reservere your place on the wall! Only 120 spaces are available – first responses have first priority. We’ll send you a confirmation and mailing instructions. Order your Canvas and begin planning your Tapestry Today!

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