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Life Cube Project Community Update

Hello Cube-ists,

We launched a campaign to raise the last $15,000 needed to make the Cube happen in Downtown Las Vegas. In the first two days, we have raised over $2,500. Whether $1 or $1,000, any donation is greatly appreciated and shows support for the arts in the Las Vegas community. Please take a moment to see what we are creating at 9th and Fremont

Additional Highlights:

Schools: Last week we spoke to 440 students at a local elementary school and it was a magical moment. Because of the impact it had on the kids, I have been asked to speak to another 1000 kids at various schools around town. We are also gifting cubes to schools, and meeting with as many students as possible to share the story of the project and speak about goal-setting. If you have any connections with teachers or parents in Las Vegas, please pass on my contact info. We will be working on Cubes for schools this weekend. Concrete slab poured this week. We have a canvas for the first art that wants to go on to the Cube. The slab will have pillars and posts and walls, but what a beautiful space. If interested, contact Caitlyn who is coordinating all artists. We also have an entire lot to be covered with chalk We have lumber! Over 22,000 pounds of wood was delivered to the site. It is beginning to come together. We are building satellite cubes for schools. We have over 60 planned, and could use help. Stop by the site at Fremont and 9th. We should be on site from 10:30 AM – 8 PM every day. Come and help! Cube Build Schedule: Starting this Monday, we are building columns and walls, if you have the time, energy, and want to have some fun – come help. If you sign-up we will try and provide updates as they happen. Canvas is here! We are cutting canvas for over 500 artists to be able to create a huge tapestry wall. This is free canvas for anyone wanting to help contribute art for this mosaic. Details on pick-up locations will be coming soon. If you want to help with cutting or distribution, emailLifeCubeArtist@gmail.comand please sign up at Make Cube signs! Another artist opportunity. We have wood that was donated. If you want to make a “Life Cube” sign, come to the site. HELP! We need people with 2 hands and a smile. This is a community art installation. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part. Social Media: If you’re on Facebook, please like . You can also follow us at twitter, @thelifecube and see progress of the cube on Instagram @lifecubeproject. If you post about The Life Cube Project, which we hope you do, please tag #lifecube. Huge gratitude for your help and support.


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