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Daylight Savings Time

Just to be clear — I think daylight savings time is a bad thing.  It messes with my internal clock (which is already a little screwed up).  And after about 6 months when I am finally getting used to it — they change it again.  I have now joined several groups on Facebook (they really make it so you can sort by size of groups (many of these groups only have 10-20 people)).  In any event — I started last week changing my clocks, and asking close friends and family when we set a meeting if they were talking their time (pre-daylight savings time), or my time (post daylight savings time) since I changed my clocks days ahead.  In a perfect world, I would schedule travel to the west coast the week before.  I would even accept a gradual change – say 5 minutes a day for 12 days, or 1 minute a day for 60 days.   Best would be we just stop doing it — I have theories that this is some sort of a commie plot or government conspiracy, but let’s not go there or this post would be too long.  Have a happy day, and it is now 734 AM in NYC. 

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