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Tickets Fiasco – Burning Man & Terrapin Crossroads

So I’m wondering how many people/friends have had both Burning Man and Terrapin Crossroads on their radar. For those that don’t know either, Burning Man is a festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. It has been going on for over 25 years (I have been 4 times since 2004). Last year over 55,000 attended and built a city and then returned to civilization in a week. Last year was unique because it sold out. Also, I constructed an art project called “The Life Cube”.

Terrapin Crossroads the Canal District in the City of San Rafael. The Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh is opening a restaurant and music venue and their is obviously a lot of buzz and interest. The music should be awesome, and I can’t wait to check it out.

So this year, tickets to both of these events tried different methods of sale to be more fair, with lower ticket processing fees and prevent scalping”. Both failed miserably at this endeavor, though their intentions were honorable. Both are trying diligently to fix the system. For those interested, you can search for any number of stories. What I find interesting is that their are so many really smart people both inside and as part of these communities or fans that do not just complain, but are willing to help. It should be fun to watch how this all shakes down. I am sure the solutions will have some people pissed off — but true fans, true people that are part of the community will understand that shit happens despite the best of intent.

comments welcome. links below for those interested:

Tickets? Bad year for ticket systems. 1st Burning Man fiasco, now Terrapin Crossroads. #burningman #TerrapinXroads #TerrapinCrossroads

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